The Family Living Director

The Family Living Program is designed to encourage activities in the interest of better living and better community life, as made possible through a well-balanced Grange program. It is also designed to give recognition for Outstanding Service.

Mission Statement: The charge for installation of the Chairman of Family Living at all level states, in part, “Just as the home is the center of family living, so should the Grange be the center of rural community life. Your effort should be directed toward making your meeting place truly a Grange home, radiating friendliness and hospitality to all who come within its doors. Every time the door of the Grange hall is opened and guests received, the Family Living Department is involved and the way your Grange is perceived is established. You perform a very important function for your Grange.” The Chairman of Family Living also is given the duty of carrying out the Family Living programs, educational resources and projects established by the WA State Grange and the Family Living Team in order to increase awareness and participation across the state.

Family Living District Directors

Northern District Director:
Meta Rogers (Ray)
360-659-3344, Kellogg Marsh #136

East Central District Director:
Helen Berg
509-855-4692, Sunnyside #129

Northwest District Director:
Diane Williams
360-791-9570, South Union Grange #860

South Central District Director:
Margaret Morris
509-965-4584, Fruitvale Grange #348

Southwest District Director:
Carol Brent(Arnold)
360-423-5373, Rose Valley Grange #953

Northeast/Southeast District Director:
Cecelia Hamilton